Saturday, October 17, 2009

Stephenson Family Benefit

October 17 was a great day and turnout for all that were involved in the Stephenson family benefit at Cedar Creek in the Heights...
I happily donated my time and after digitally enhancing and uploading the images from the party, any and all print purchase amounts will be donated to the family as well!!!

The link to view the images is and they ARE CURRENLTY VIEWABLE:-)
Thanks to everyone who has helped the Stephensons and thank you to anyone who purchases prints from this event and hopefully I help you remember this special day with your images!

A big thank you to the following purchasers of images:
Jacquie Darrah - $ 23.82
Keith Lejeune - $ 9.74
Mary Hooper - $ 23.82
Travis Stepehnson - $ 57.37


Mandy said...

Hey, Dixie! It was great to finally meet you the other night :).

I'd love to see the photos from the benefit, but the link doesn't seem to be working.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I tried to see the pictures but the link is not working. =/

Dixie Ann Dalton Photography said...

Thanks guys!! The link isn't working because they will not be there until November 18...

I apologize~~ ... I have to keep my editing in order:=)

Dixie Ann Dalton Photography said...

Hello to all of my fellow blog followers and Stephenson Benefit attendees:-)

The photos are posted!!! Enjoy!!

Check out the Stephenson Benefit shots at

See you soon!