Saturday, September 29, 2007

Olivia Michelle's !st Birthday Party~

And isn't she simply beautiful? My dear friends' Melanie and Jessie's baby with her turquoise icing that matches those blue eyes.... It was a great day, full of family and friends.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Beautiful Full Moon Last Night~

As the winter approaches, the atmosphere changes and so does the sky~ Take a look and enjoy it for yourself~

Her feet!

The little girl's feet, from the family photo shoot I did on the beach earlier this month! Her mother is sooo proud, as she should be~

Standing Souls at NUMBERS~ Sept. 2007

Travis Stephenson, who contributes to the Houston band "Standing Souls" with his awesome guitar riffs and vocals. Check em' out at

The new goal~

Hello again! Please enjoy these posts, as my goal is to share with you a photo on a weekly basis... This will inspire me to inspire you and capture some images that maybe I wouldn't have before!

See ya soon!


Thursday, September 13, 2007

The history of Sugar Land's Family-Oriented Coffee Hang Out Goes Down:(

Sugar Land's first Starbucks Coffee Company, Store 6211, closes its doors for good on National Mourning Day, 9-11-07. What a sad site to see, as we (fellow partners and customers) camped out to watch the letters come down. An average of 30 minutes per letter and many tears to accompany the time. The history of the store: Opened in 1993 and adopted a family-type atmosphere for all partners and customers. Barnes and Nobles Bookstore shared a doorway with the store until October of 2006. Corporate headquarters decided to close the store just weeks before 9-11-07 and left the area devastated. This photo was taken on 9-11-07, the last day the store was opened.