Saturday, September 26, 2009

~~~The "Surprise" Wedding~~~~

This is an Oprah-story if I ever heard one myself... I sound a little country I know, but this Surprise-Supposed-To-Be-Birthday-Party turned "Surprise Wedding" for Chrissy and Michael Lavispeare is somethin' to write home about!

This couple had been dating for over a year and had talked about getting married and possibly eloping... Favorite dresses and rings were circled in magazines so Mr.Lavispeare knew what to look for when he was shopping!

Thats right... With the help of family and friends, they pulled it off...

Chrissy was told that she was going for an exquisite brunch at Vargos and she should "dress nice"... Upon arrival to the restaurant, instead of being shown to a table to sit and eat, they were shown to the staircase that led down into the main Vargos ballroom. 74 family and friends shouted, "Surprise! Happy Birthday!"

Chrissy was thrilled, happy and a little embarrased I think... Michael came and met her at the base of the staircase and you can see there smiles here...

She went around the room and greeted her friends and family as she said, "Everyone I know is in this room." Michael then took Chrissy by the hand, led her to a table and he proceeded to the center of the room with a microphone and a letter that he read outloud to her and the guests... In some since of the word he was roasting her about how she had purses that were more expensive than his car and how he remembers the first time he saw her beautiful blue eyes from way across the room:-)

After his 10 minutes of reading aloud, he went and grabbed her hand, escorted her to the center of the room and handed her the microphone and an envelope... She opened the envelope and read aloud the invitation that had been mailed to all of the guests that said, "Please join us for a Surprise Wedding on September 26, 2009~OH MY GOSH, that's today!!" ... Michael immediately dropped down onto one knee and said, "Honey will you marry me?" and Chrissy responded with, "Of course!"

WOW!! It was spectacular! While taking photos of the bride getting ready, she said "If I would have picked out my dress myself, it would have looked just l