Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Angelica's 15th

A quinciniera for a lovely Colombian girl by the name of Angelica... I got the priviledge of shooting her posed photos (in her beautiful coral dress) as well as her party... We did her posed photos last month in Spring at my favorite spot for romantic shots or posed portraits, The Mercer Arboretum... check it out!!

The 6 couples line-danced, while intertwining meringue, salsa and some "grease is the word" action... It was great~!!!

The greatest part about this gig was that part of my services were donated (1/2 of my shooting was a give from me to her) and the other part of the services I performed was a gift from my friend Randy TO Angelica and her family because of the financial troubles her family is undergoing because Angelica has blood cancer. Remember kids, she is only 15 years old.

It would surprise you.... She looks and appears healthy and is just about recovered and will hopefully remain healthy until they find a cure...

Early detection is the key...

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